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Day 23 | Flying to Belgium & Transiting through airports

Before we leaved our flat, it was snowing very hard:

I decided to go with our teacher to the airport with the car to load and unload the luggage and bringing to the check-in. Because the ramadan began for the others and I saved their energy for the day to home and they took the bus.

Passed the tax-free zone:

Our plane landed from the flight of Brussels and waited to load our luggage and refilled the fuel:

Taking off:

Basque Country from the plane:

San Sabastian:

This was my Erasmus+ Internship in Spain. After we got off the plane we took the train and our group splitted in Leuven. I really enjoyed it and I miss the place already when I stepped out the plane in Brussels. I can't wait to revisit Spain especially Basque Country this time by my car/motorcycle.

My journey hasn't end yet, after 2 days I have a flight back to my country Albania. And I will see my parents there and stay also for 2 weeks and return back to Belgium by car.

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