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Day 22 | Last day work & Visiting Vitoria-Gasteiz

At the last day at work before I finished, I bought a cake for all my colleagues. I stopped at 12:00, our teacher picked us up and brought us back home. We made our luggage for tomorrow and we hopped in the car and we visited Vitoria-Gasteiz:

It was also snowing today and it was very beautiful on the way:

It was also a modern city:

We ate tapas for midday meal:

We visited a weaponary museum in Vitoria-Gasteiz and it was also free:

Walking back to the car:

On the way to pass Urkiola natural park:

We stopped at the natural park to enjoy the snow:

After that we ate dinner in the mountains near Eibar:

When we were returning at home, it was snowing hard:

To close our last evening together we played for the last time with cards:

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